Both founders experienced costly water leaks to their homes and were determined to find an effective, reliable method to protect against them. Years of development and testing led to our patent pending, ultrasonic water leak detection technology. The leak detector has been designed with a singular purpose: To equip homes with the best possible protection against destructive water leaks.

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Benno Ritter: Benno has been fascinated by the potential of Smart Home/IoT applications/technologies for consumers. Benno has been working on Smart Home related technologies for almost two decades. He has an extensive network in the industry with consumer companies and commercial building automation vendors. He was CEO at Sensichips USA, VP Biz Dev at ZigBee Alliance, and PM Director Wireless at Infineon Technologies. He holds a MSc in Physics and a MBA.

Mike Hasselbeck: Mike is a true inventor. He has deep technology knowledge and expertise in electronic circuit design especially acoustics and optics. He holds an PhD in EE from the University of Central Florida and is a Humboldt Fellow at the Max-Born Institute in Berlin Germany. He is a Sr. Scientist at the UNM.